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Key figures


A Datacenter consumes 100 times more energy per sqm than a tertiary building.


French Datacenters consume 8% of the electricity produced in France.




Watching a one-hour long video on the Internet is equivalent to a refrigerator energy consumption during one year.







Datacenter consumption accounts for 2% of worldwide electricity production or 30 nuclear plants.   

It is our responsibility toward future generations to reduce datacenter energy consumption !


A few issues in the sector


The explosion of Digital Information


Beside the digital revolution in the health and education sectors, a phenomenon that is expected to push up exponentially the growth of Data density and quantity, the market is also faced with the stakesthat emerged because of the IoT. More than 50 billion of connected objects are expected in 2020 according to Gartner.

« Being half a second late would cause a 20% decrease in google traffic », Mark BIDINGER, Cloud activity chief at Schneider Electric

Data Sovereignty


According to the Survey CSO 2016, white book on data sovereignty, VMWare, 'firms do not know who owns their data'. According to the same study, "74% of large companies and 68% of SME have activities or applications in the cloud." 

Despite all the certifications the Big Five (Cloud providers) say they have, what about critical data protection ?



Energy Efficiency


According to the study "Energy Efficiency in Datacenters" carried out on a panel of 87 Datacenters by the ENR'CERT association (published in november 2016), energy consumption accounts for 49% of a Datacenter's exploitation costs.

The actors around infrastructures are motivated to elaborate refrigeration strategies (while respecting the necessary reliability) reaching PUE equal to 1,3 / 1,4 with modern equipments (Press review).

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