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    Conceptualization highly impacts your infrastructures exploitation and maintenance phases

    That's why, from the outset of your project, we accompany you by taking into account the right parameters, be it for the specific constrainst and risk identification or for everything that might come after (e.g regulation evolution)



    The construction of your Datacenter require expertize and a precise set of skills but also the assertion of a global vision

    As lead contractor our commitment is to supply reliability, and controlled costs and deadlines.



    50% of existing Datacenters will need to be extended or retrofitted in the next five years

    Our expertize on the whole Datacenter lifecycle will allow us to perform the job according to what's at stake for your business

The trend tends towards a drop in time-to-market. For instance, it went from 18 months to 6 months for the construction phase over the last five years. It’s because time-to-market is a critical issue that we united in our team engineering and construction.

What is green in our solution


The principles

The concept works based on Natural air ventilation – without the need to draw the outside air mechanically - and on chimney effect.



A highly efficient Datacenter (with a PUE ~1,1) but above all this efficiency is reached as soon as operations begin.



A specific focus has been achieved, notably on the electrical and refrigeration equipments’ organization, the latter influencing directly the initial investments
















More benefits …

The expertize gained from numerous auditing and consulting missions over a few years created the right conditions for the development of a product that answered the issues of Datacenter operators

  • Scalable

     A CIO cannot anticipate how his IT infrastructures will evolve after three years. That’s why we give you the opportunity to adapt the electric power for any rack in the IT rooms.

    It does not matter now if the TIERING regulations evolve or if your needs change over the years.

  • Very High density… anywhere
    Very High density… anywhere

    Numerous Auditing and Consulting missions have made us think about the concerns of the users.

    Our architecture concept facilitates cables management, and as a major point, it allows for a lack of heating spots

  • TIER 3 & 4
    TIER 3 & 4

    Because we only look for the highest quality, in terms of infrastructures resiliency and reliance, our design & implementation plans can be certified by the Uptime Institut.
















Introducing the concept

Our architecture concept may be applied in many different environments (existing or from the ground). Notably, it was studied in order to be inserted into a building ground floor or even a castle, which made it meet the demand several times.


An example of design and implementation, your local Datacenter


  • Built surface: 850 m²
  • IT Surface: 402 m²
  • Mamimum IT Power : 1.600 kVA
  • Design & implementation: Tier II, Tier III, Tier IV at customer's choice and for each rack individually
  • Electrical Power: up to 35kW per rack independently from the rack's position


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