Who we are

Two experienced organizations. Associating a construction company and an engineering firm expert in every stage of the Datacenter’s life cycle, builds a solid partnership to adress current and future issues.

  • 31/01/2017 Michel DERNIS
    Michel DERNIS
    President at Atrium Data

    Founders of ATRIUM DATA are Michel DERNIS and Thierry DUFLOS. They have been working together in the datacenter field since 2003...

  • 31/01/2017 Thierry Geffroy
    Thierry Geffroy
    Regional Director at Eiffage

    Regional director at EIFFAGE CONSTRUCTION NORD PAS DE CALAIS, Thierry GEFFROY has been working in the Construction and property development industries during his whole career...
















Our vision

The Datacenter is an asset that shapes territories

Chris Grosby, CEO of Compass Datacenter, “…”

“The only message you should be getting from me is that there will be more Datacenters”.

Régis Castagné, CEO France EQUINIX :  

« If the Internet has greatly boosted exchanges between firms, Data centers have now made possible the digital transformation by carrying out interconnexion promises ».

Our objective, becoming one of the referring actors in the French and European Datacenter market for design & build.
















They trusted us





You are a software firm, a Datacenter operator or a hosting company? Come and join us!