The data center as a facility structuring the territory ®

This slogan is a registered trademark of the Atrium Data company, and its formulation is the fruit of extensive discussion and collaboration. Our first conference with this as a theme was held in Nice in May 2008. Elected representatives have since changed their position regarding digital technology and are today well-versed on the subject.

  • 1/ The reasoning behind the concept

    Generally speaking, a data center provides a solution for securing sensitive Information Systems.


    An Information System is deemed sensitive if its breakdown would cause a considerable or dramatic impact on the company concerned, be it private or public. 

  • 2/ Public sector

    In the public sector, the local French authorities (regions, departments, agglomeration communities, cities, etc.), and their attached organizations in different fields such as health, higher education, and even civil protection and road security, chambers of commerce, etc., all have information systems that are sensitive, that will continue to grow in size and increase their applications, and that will become even more sensitive.


    As such, the following patterns can be observed in the public sector:


    • These organizations do not have in-house teams qualified to manage a data center, let alone one with the desired high technical and economic performance.
    • The systems in place are usually spread out, poorly protected against intrusion or fire outbreaks and are also prone to disrupted services.
    • The investment budget available is limited or even severely cut.
    • The quest for good management logically entails examining the possibilities for clustering and pooling resources, especially because the latter does not exclude the possibility of dedicated spaces in the data center. 
    • The technological evolution and the as-of-yet inexistent applications that will be created to cater to new demands, call for a tool that is able to evolve and thus rise to the challenge. 
  • 3/ Private sector

    Within the territory’s private sector, both existing and potential companies must be taken into account.


    Companies existing in the territory


    The Clusif (French Information Security Club), which carries out risk research in France, has found that 80% of SMEs that suffer a computer crash go bankrupt shortly after, and yet 75% of SMEs are unprotected and do not correctly safeguard their data. Since these companies make up 90% of the economic fabric, the elected representatives for the economy and social affairs are well aware of the importance of this issue; protecting Information Systems means protecting companies and, therefore, jobs.


    Potential companies in the territory


    For a long time, companies have been asking for equipment that would not require them to invest or concern themselves with management, as is the case of shared restaurant facilities. They now want to secure their servers and, knowing that a data center fits their criteria, they choose a territory that is accordingly equipped. In this regard, a data center is a differentiating factor of attractiveness.


    Existing and potential companies in the territory


    The presence of a data center within a territory is a potential catalyst for additional activity. Small IT services companies can offer more complete and better quality services to their clients, which increase their activity. New IT services companies may also be attracted by a data center. In addition, companies specialized in Internet and High-Tech services generally seize on this opportunity. 

Conclusion: The public sector (agglomeration communities and departments) aims to improve public service performance as well as complement private activity, which has a social impact. Therefore, it is in its best interest to support projects pertaining to data centers within their territories. The templates of such projects are yet to be defined. 


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